We convert your documents, emails and web pages into mobile listening experiences.

It's the easiest way to get important reading into mobile audio documents.

Get more time to read every day.

I love this app. My free time with my family has doubled thanks to you! Now I can spend time listening to my files during my commute instead of going through mountains of paperwork once I get home. My kids and husband are very happy, but no one is happier than I am! I am highly recommending this to anyone and everyone; you would never think an app could change your life but believe me it can!!!

A. O’Neill

I am not exactly tech savvy and remembering to get to my emails during the day is hard. My secretary thought getting me a “smartphone” would help…..it didn’t. So when she taught me how to use AudioProposals I can honestly say I was skeptical, that came and went pretty fast! Now my clients are extremely impressed with my response time and I've even had a few of them download it too!

J. Goodwin
Vice President

I wanted to write in to thank you for such an amazing app! Our law firm is very busy so we have actually made it mandatory with our staff to have it downloaded to help them with their workload. We are very happy with the outcome and just how easy the app is to use, it seems anyone can use it.

S. Langille
Attorney at Law

I’m busy enough as it is to take the time to sit down and read all of my emails, let alone all of the documents I need to approve before they go to press. When I found AudioProposals I obviously was beyond happy, and then even happier when I realized I could play them through my Bluetooth on my drive to work and home! Suddenly my productivity level is through the roof.

David J.
Director of Marketing

Mobile features that make business travel, commutes and exercising extra productive.

Plus, keeps your eyes on the road and safe from distracted driving.

Easy Account Signup

Simply download the app, signup and subscribe in a few clicks. It takes less than a few minutes!

All in One Place

Once your files for reading and listening are in the AudioProposals app, you have everything you need in one central place. No more switching between apps for file folders, readers and MP3 players.

Reliability and Security

To ensure the security and privacy of your files during production and streaming, we use Amazon Web Services highly reliable cloud infrastructure for storing and serving files. Additionally, secure connections to your shared folders are always maintained.

Unlimited Playlists

Creating a Playlist is as easy as creating a document folder. Each Playlist can have one or many documents. You can create as many Playlists as you want.

Use Any File Format

We accept any file format you use, including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDFs, Web Pages and Emails. Plus, use any file sharing service you want, such as Box.net, Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Option to Listen or Read

Easily switch between listening and reading modes with one click. Our designers and software does the work and creates mobile-screen friendly versions of all your docs.

Affordable Monthly Plans

Unlimited Playlists - You Own All Recordings - Cancel Anytime